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FIBA Women in Basketball Strategy

Women in Basketball (WiB) is currently one of the main priorities in FIBA’s overall strategy. We have been tasked with creating an explainer video that introduces WiB’s strategic goals, objectives, and actions to both internal and external stakeholders.

Explainer Video

We started with developing an easy to follow script, based on the comprehensive strategy document. We then chose a ‘cool’ tone of voice, which guided the design of the illustrations.


Attention to detail was a key aspect of our approach to designing illustrations. We ensured the authenticity of apparel, shoes, and hairstyles, as well as accurately integrated FIBA sponsors.


The animation was designed to highlight the six principal strategic areas. It emphasizes important terms and draws attention to high level facts and figures. The motion is designed to be subtle and non-distracting, complementing the vibrant illustrations.

Inclusion and Diversity

The video underscores the importance of inclusion and diversity by showcasing characters of diverse ethnicities, ages, and styles. This results in a visually captivating and informative piece that effectively communicates the objectives of FIBA’s Women in Basketball Strategy, while also celebrating the diversity of players and fans in the basketball community.

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“The WIB session at the Congress was a huge success! We received amazing feedback from the attendees […] Thanks once again for the excellent cooperation!”