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FIFA Congress 2019

Our collaboration with FIFA for the Congress 2019 was an exciting project, where we seamlessly blended design, technology, and on-site support to enhance the event experience.


The task initially focused on revising the presentation content from various departments, unifying it into a single tone of voice and cohesive design.


Our extensive experience with Keynote enabled us to maximise the software's capabilities, resulting in a professional and visually striking presentation. It also ensured flexibility for adaptations in subsequent Congress editions.


To enhance engagement and visual appeal, we added subtle yet impactful dynamic animation also to the side LED screens, supporting the key messaging.

On-site support

Technical challenge included programming of the voting process, running various scenarios simultaneously, and orchestrating the numerous screens involved.

With our representative on-site, we were able to manage processes ad-hoc and swiftly respond to any last-minute changes or requirements.

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