FIBA Women's AmeriCup 2023

We were excited to develop a brand identity for such a significant competition on the international women’s basketball calendar. From logo design mood boards to stadium event dressing, event’s brand design is always a welcome challenge for our team.

Logo Design

The logo design captures the energy and competitive spirit of women's basketball, while also incorporating elements that represent the geographical and cultural identity of the 2023 Women's AmeriCup.

Brand Identity

The overall project deliverables included the logo design, secondary brand elements, a comprehensive brand manual, a stadium and event dressing package, and stationery.


In addition to the static logo, we designed a dynamic animation that brought the brand to life.

Culturally rooted

FIBA Women’s AmeriCup is the most important event for women’s basketball in the Americas and takes place every two years between ten national teams of the continent. 

The logo features a lioness, inspired by the famous landmark, Arco Triunfal de la Calzada de los Héroes. Emblematic colours, that fill a Molten shaped ball, symbolise the growth and importance of the women’s game across the region.

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