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We were assigned to create an easily understandable educational video that highlights sustainability benefits of the CoffeeB system, supporting the product’s launch. It was published on Delica’s website and social media platforms.

Explainer Video

An informative explainer video that breaks down key concepts related to sustainability in the coffee industry, adapted into four languages and multiple formats. It is designed to be equally engaging whether watched with or without narration.


The combination of hand-drawn charcoal sketches and authentic images effectively served the educational intent of the video.


A tactile texture style in the animation seamlessly aligned with the rich and sensory theme of coffee.

Coffee ball

On 6 September 2022, Migros CEO Fabrice Zumbrunnen presented CoffeeB to the public.

CoffeeB stands for an unparalleled coffee experience. It is as simple, flavoursome and handy as a capsule – but without the capsule. The Coffee Ball is 100% compostable in your own garden: it does not create any aluminium or plastic waste. 

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